Monday, December 17, 2007

v6.70.0001 - 2007-12-17 09:55

  • * CKS | Miscellaneous | Select Info Panel Tab: now the 6 commands are toggles. If the respective tab is already visible then the commands will hide the Info Panel.
  • + Toolbar: added button "Properties" (icon: "i" in blue circle). Toggles the Info Panel | Properties tab. Identical to CKS | Miscellaneous | Select Info Panel Tab | Properties (Ctrl+1).
  • + Toolbar: added context menu to the following buttons:
      - Show Navigation Panel
      - Show Catalog
      - Show Info Panel
      - Wide Info Panel
      - Last Size/Minimize Info Panel
      - Maximize/Minimize Info Panel
  • ! Image Preview: when previewing a PSD file without an embedded thumbnail, the wrong message was given. Now is says correctly: "No embedded thumbnail found."
  • ! Catalog: Mousepointer was not reset after dropping on Catalog Items from other applications. Fixed.