Thursday, December 20, 2007

v6.70.0002 - 2007-12-20 10:26

  • + Menu File | To Clipboard: added command "Item Base(s)". If focus is on List, it copies the base names (name without extension) of all selected items to clipboard. If focus is on Tree, it works identical to Copy Name(s).
  • + Toolbar: added button "Go to Previous Location". Has a context menu.
  • ! If you chose "Configure Thumbnails" from the context menu of the Views toolbar button, the configuration window opened with the wrong category - "File Info Tips" instead of "Thumbnails". Fixed.
  • * Tree and List, item selection by keyboard: raised the max interval to interpret two consecutive keystrokes as belonging to one string from 750 to 1000 msec.
  • * UDC | New: exchanged the term "Clone" with "Source".
  • + UDC interface: now you can duplicate the current command by holding CTRL when pressing "New" or by pressing Ctrl+Ins. If the current command has a caption, then the new command's caption will have "(Copy)" suffixed.