Monday, December 10, 2007

v6.60.0054 - 2007-12-10 12:07

  • + Added preview of *.nef files (Nikon Electronic Format). NEF is a RAW image format designed by Nikon, and is based on the TIFF/EP format. The preview (preview tab and thumbnails in file list) makes use of any embedded TIFF thumbnails in your NEF files.
  • * UDC New: the following variables refer to the Clone source if there is one given, and not to the currently focused item:
    The variable name "cur..." might be confusing here, but the behavior is expected and the logic is clear. If you create a new file that's a clone of a certain other file, it would be total nonsense to name that new file based on the name, date, or version of the currently selected file! Of course, you would want to resolve these variables with reference to the cloned file!
    BTW, a neat little thing is now possible. The following setting will create a versioned copy (e.g. "XYplorer_6.60.0053.exe") of *this* instance of XYplorer in the current path:
      Name: <curbase>_<curver>.<curext>
      Clone: XYplorer.exe
    Because of the portability of the Clone field XYplorer.exe is always resolved to this instance of XYplorer. Back me up!
  • % Faster startup time if you make use of the NewItems folder.
  • + Configuration | Thumbnails: added option "Show file icon on thumbnail". Check it to show the small file icon in the top-left corner of the thumbnail.