Friday, December 7, 2007

v6.60.0051 - 2007-12-07 21:24

  • +++ Menu User: now all the UDC submenus have icons. Note: not all menu items can be assigned an icon, for various and mostly obvious reasons depending on the nature of the UDC category and the format of the actual command.
  • + Info Panel | Find Files: the "..." (Browse) button now has a tiny context menu with one command "Search All Tabs". Click it to enter the paths of all tabs in the Find Files Location field. Search Results tabs are excluded.
  • ! Menu Tools Emtpy Recycle Bin...: Free-space display in statusbar was not refreshed after executing the command. Fixed.
  • + Toolbar | Manage User-Defined Commands | Context Menu: now, when holding CTRL on "New...", the Clone field is preset to the currently selected item.
  • ! List: app could crash after some repetitive alternate dbl-clicking on items and white space in a certain evil rhythmic pattern that resounded with the system dbl-click time and some other settings. Quite difficult to do. And now even more difficult since it's fixed.
  • ! Network: did not always act as expected with shutdown servers. Fixed. Also improved speed.