Wednesday, October 1, 2008

v7.60.0038 - 2008-10-01 15:20

  • *** Address Bar: Finally, the new DropDown is implemented. The main
    improvements over the old Address Bar:
    - Full Unicode support.
    - Icons in Edit Box and List.
    - Supports TABbing through the items.
    - F4, Up, Down: all open the list; F4 closes again;
      next Up or Down select list items; selection wraps around ends.
    - Shows icons for edit box and list items (where applicable).
    - Edit box ignores mouse wheel (that's good!).
    - Is not a so-called UserControl (that's very good!) and not made
      of MS parts but fully hand-made, and hence incredibly powerful
      and enhanceable, extremely fast and low in memory consumption.
    - The droplist has a minimal width of 400 (can be made
      configurable later).
    - The droplist is higher: 12 instead of 8 items.
    - If the list is dropped then the first <enter> will close the
      list, the next <enter> will go to the location. Allows you to
      further edit the item by keyboard before shooting.
  • * Address Bar: The font is now the "general" font, and not the one shared by Tree, List, and Catalog. Hence the AB will not respond to changing the font via Ctrl+Wheel anymore. Reason: I did not like it anymore (did not look good with icons).
  • * Address Bar: Text not auto-selected anymore after , nor after mousedown-selecting it from the droplist, nor after focussing the edit box by mousedown. Reason: I did not like it anymore. Most of the times I would want to edit the text instead of fully replace it.
  • ! Some lists did not wheel since v7.60.0013 (2008-09-17). Fixed.