Thursday, October 2, 2008

v7.60.0040 - 2008-10-02 11:18

  • % Address Bar: retrieving list icons should work faster now, so the list should drop down faster.
  • * Address Bar: Changed the shoot conditions.
      - If droplist is visible:
        Enter:              Undrop the list, and shoot.
        Ctrl+Enter:         Just undrop the list.
        Click on list:      Set the edit box to clicked item, undrop
                            the list, and shoot.
        Ctrl+Click on list: Set the edit box to clicked item, and undrop
                            the list.
        Click on edit box:  Just undrop the list.
        Esc:                Undrop the list, reset edit box to last
                            shot item.
      - If droplist is not visible
        Arrow Down or Up:   Open MRU list
        Ctrl+Down or Up:    Open Match List (= the parts of the MRU list
            that match the current item in edit box, sorted ascending).
            If the edit box is empty the whole MRU list is shown as
            Match List, i.e. sorted alphabetically.
        Esc:                Reset edit box to last shot item.
  • ! Address Bar: Automatic word breaking (dbl-click selection, moving cursor with CTRL) did not work okay when "Auto-complete path/file names" was on. Fixed.
  • + Tree and List: Rename boxes now recognize "." as word breaker (dbl-click selection, moving cursor with CTRL).