Saturday, October 11, 2008

v7.60.0051 - 2008-10-11 19:03

  • * SC confirm(): Now the optional linebreaker is set to "<br>" by default.
      Syntax: confirm(text, [linebreaker="<br>"])
  • ! Calling XY from Run using the line "XYplorer /ini=%tmp%\" did work alright, but the App Data Folder was not reachable because Windows (at least XP) Run converts %tmp% into an DOS 8.3 formatted path (!) which was not expected at that point by XYplorer. Fixed. Now the passed app data path is internally converted to the long file name format before processing it further.
  • ! Rename Special RegExp Rename: It was possible to create new filenames that appeared to have trailing spaces (the list showed them as such), using a pattern like "\.html$ > " (without the quotes). Fixed.
  • * Rename Special Set Extensions: Now you can remove an extension by leaving the input box empty.
  • * Rename Special: Renamed command "Aaa" (sets the file base to title case, converting any letters within the words to lower case) to "Aaa Aa.*" because the extension is actually left untouched.
  • + Rename Special: Added command "A* A*.*". It sets the file base to title case, but leaves any upper case letters within the words untouched. The extension is completely left untouched.
      XYplorer_work.ini ->
                 A* A*.*: XYplorer_Work.ini
                Aaa Aa.*: Xyplorer_Work.ini
              aaa xyplorer_work.ini
                   *.aaa: XYplorer_Work.ini
                   *.AAA: XYplorer_Work.INI