Wednesday, October 29, 2008

v7.70.0016 - 2008-10-29 15:56

  • * History per Tab: Changes...
    - Now, history (per tab or global) popup menus will never contain
      more than 32 items at once.
    - When HPT is active, Back and Forward do NOT cycle anymore
      through the current tab's history, but show the old school
      behavior of halting when there is no more.
    - History now can hold up to 256 items. Before it was 64.
    - Toolbar back/forward buttons are now blue if HPT is on.
  • * Hotlist: Since the history got much larger, the Hotlist now is confined to the 32 latest/youngest history entries of global history.
  • * Moved an item to a better place:
    OLD: Menu View | Current Tab | Tab List...
    NEW: Menu Go | Tablist...
  • + Menu View | Current Tab: moved these commands
      Move Tab Left (Ctrl+Shift+Left)
      Move Tab Right (Ctrl+Shift+Right)
    to the "Miscellaneous" category of CKS, into the new section "Tab Functions".
    Reason: You would most likely access the functionality either by KS, or by dragging the tabs with the mouse. The space in this menu can be used better.
    For internal reasons I decided to give them a new Function ID, which is normally a forbidden thing to do. In this case, however, it could be justified because a bug was fixed by it: Their old default KS (Ctrl+Shift+Left)/(Ctrl+Shift+Right) had been non-customizable KS, so you could not remove them, nor could you
    actually use the keys for what they were meant originally (and whence they are non-customizable): group-select in 2-dimensional list views (Thumbs, List, Small Icons...).
    The commands' original IDs are now used by the functions that replaced them in their original menu position. See next...
  • + Menu View | Current Tab: Added commands
      Tab History...
      Tab Hotlist...
    Will do what you think they do. Even when HPT is off.
  • * Icon Overlays: The recent solution for refreshing icon overlays in non-current tree items lead to severe performance problems in some systems. A new way will be found, later.