Tuesday, October 28, 2008

v7.70.0012 - 2008-10-28 15:00

  • +++ Added History per Tab (HPT). To enable it check "History per tab" in Configuration General. In a nutshell, HPT means that Back and Forward move within each tab's individual history, as opposed to the global history over all tabs.
    If HPT is enabled then:
    - Back and Forward (TB buttons and KS) are confined to each tab's
      individual history.
    - Back and Forward will cycle through the current tab's history
      (contrary to global history, where the move halts at both ends).
      Seemed more natural to me. So, if there's more than one history
      item pertaining to the current tab, then both buttons (Back and
      Forward) are enabled, else none is enabled.
    - The Back and Forward buttons's "arrow dropdowns" will each show
      one whole cycle in the repective back or forward order.
    - In the all-history popup menu (triggered via right-click
      "Back"/"Forward" TB buttons, or via KS) those history items
      belonging to the current tab are shown bold.
    - If "History without duplicates" (Config General) is enabled
      then duplicates on different tabs are tolerated.
    - The per-tab-data are saved between sessions. They are even
      maintained and saved if you untick HPT. So you can enable it at
      any time and get the desired functionality right away.
    * History now can hold up to 64 items. Before it was 32.