Monday, October 20, 2008

v7.70.0003 - 2008-10-20 10:09

  • +++ File Find Contents: Now pattern matching is supported! This means you may enter wildcards * and ? in your content definition.
    - Since larger files are read chunkwise (performance!) there are
      certain limits to the scope of your pattern:
      A pattern "a*b" is guaranteed to be found if "a" and "b" are
      within a range of 1,024 bytes! It also *might* be found if "a"
      and "b" are within a range of 1,001 to 32,768 bytes! It will
      certainly not be found if "a" and "b" are only within an even
      larger range.
    - Just like with non-wildcard searches it is assumed that you look
      for a match anywhere within the file, so asterisks (*) are
      silently added to your pattern at both ends in case they are
      missing. This is just to spare you typing too many asterisks. So
      you may simply enter "D?g" to look for "D?g" anywhere in the file
      (match file contents with "*D?g*").
  • + Now you can define the default start location for a new tab. It's currently done as a tweak, but I'm ready to raise it to the GUI level if demand is there. For example:
    Leave empty to use the location of the current tab.
  • ! SC Report(): Returned rubbish if Line Numbers column was invisible. Fixed.