Tuesday, October 7, 2008

v7.60.0046 - 2008-10-07 12:55

  • + Edit controls: Now all Edit controls, including those of DropDown lists and multi-line boxes, support select-all-on-triple-click. The interval between the consecutive clicks must be <= DblClickTime. The SC "info" displays the current DblClickTime.
  • * DropDown/Address Bar: Droplist quits supporting the keys Home and End. They are now applied to the Edit box. It's better.
  • ! DropDowns: Match list was not positioned correctly when dropped upwards and list height changed. Fixed.
  • ! Address Bar: Horizontally mis-scrolled contents. Fixed.
  • ! Rename Special dialog: Ctrl+Enter to go to preview anymore. Fixed.
  • ! File List: When empty and in Details view, right-clicking the column headers would pop the white space context menu instead of the column headers context menu. Fixed.
  • + The FixFocusLoss tweak is back. Reason: It has a side-effect (XYplorer appears two times in the Application tab of Windows Task Manager) that's completely harmless but might disturb an innocent user.
    Set FixFocusLoss to 1 to fix the focus loss of modal popups on taskbar activation (but live with the above mentioned side-effect).
  • * The last UserControl has been removed. The long work of removing those creatures from the code is finally completed!