Tuesday, January 6, 2009

v7.90.0030 - 2009-01-06 14:24

  • %%% Put your helmets on. Startup is REAL FAST now. About 50% faster. Yep, I said f-i-f-t-y! :D (Of course, the percentage you will see depends on a large number of factors.)
    >>> TIP: Backup your INI file before starting this version!
    >>> You never know with BETA versions...
  • * INI file: Enlarged the max size for keys from 1023 to 2047 bytes. Gives you more room for storing larger MiniTrees.
  • * The last INI file is now stored in a separate little file called "lastini.dat" (UTF-16 encoded) and located in Application Data Path. Before it was stored in XYplorer.ini which was a bit unclever.