Saturday, January 24, 2009

v7.90.0070 - 2009-01-24 16:21

  • + File Tags: Now, when in Details view and with Tag column visible, you can click directly into the column to (un)tag items! It toggles between the last used tag and no tag. Selections are not affected by this click.
  • + Menu File | Settings: Added "Save Tags and Comments".
  • + Menu Favorites: Added "Last Tag". Assign a KS to it and you have a quick way to tag files using the last used tag.
  • * File Tags: Now, setting tags via menu will only affect selected items. Before, the focused (but unselected) item was tagged if no item was selected. However, the new way is better for setting another default tag without actually tagging an item.
  • + Configuration | Tags: Added button to remove all tags.
  • * Info Panel | Version: Now the version info for the current file is only retrieved if/when the Version tab is visible.
  • ! Menu View | Folder View Settings: Menu was not correctly updated after toggling "Enable Folder View Settings". Fixed.
  • ! Tree: In narrow style clicking between +/- and icon would not do anything. Fixed: Now it does like clicking directly on +/-.