Sunday, January 18, 2009

v7.90.0057 - 2009-01-18 14:56

  • + Added experimental tweak to enable logon dialogs in MiniTree mode.
  • * Scripting function "input()" enhanced: Added arguments [width] and [height] (used for multiline input only).
      Name:   Input
      Action: Returns user input.
      Syntax: input(topic, [notes], [default], [style=s], _
                [cancel], [width=600], [height=400]
        width:  Width of window in pixels (minimum: 250; maximum:
                screen width; default: 600).
                For multiline input only.
        height: Height of window in pixels (minimum: 150; maximum:
                screen height; default: 400).
                For multiline input only.
  • * Multiline edit controls were limited to 30,000 characters. The limit has been raised to 4GB-1 (4 gigabytes minus 1). This means e.g. that you can now edit text files of virtually any length using scripting function "input()".
  • ! List: Drag-selecting in non-Details views had a drawing glitch for a couple of versions. Files were not drawn as unselected when removing the focus rect from them, although internally they were correctly unselected. Fixed.
  • ! Menu Scripting | Try Script: Could lead to "Error 91" when Step was auto-enabled by the Try Script dialog AND the script closed the app. Fixed.
  • * Mini Tree: Now the "Mini Tree" command and Toolbar button does toggle between Maxi Tree and the last used Mini Tree. Before it would minimize the Tree to just show the current location -- a functionality which turned out to be not extremely useful. If your current location is not part of the last used Mini Tree, you will automatically be carried away from it to the default location of the last used Mini Tree.