Tuesday, January 27, 2009

v7.90.0078 - 2009-01-27 21:16

  • * File Tags: Now you can move, rename, or delete tagged items and the tag database (tag.dat) should remain intact. These are the rules:
    - MOVE items
      - tags move along with the items
      - special case: moved item overwrites existing item:
        new tag overwrites any old tag
        new tag overwrites non-tag
        non-tag does NOT overwrite old tag: old tag stays
    - RENAME items
      - tags stay
    - DELETE items
      - tags are removed
    - COPY items
      - no action on tags:
        new targets (the "copies") have no tags;
        overwritten targets keep any tags they might have
        - otherwise tags would quickly multiply on your system making it
          slow and heavy
        - you can tag an item e.g. as "original" and the copy will not
          inherit that tag
    Note that I took a lot of effort to make this as quick as possible
    but it should be clear that synchronizing a large tag database
    takes time.
  • ! File Tags: Tags were not shown in subfolders of recursive search results. Fixed.
  • ! File Tags: Column clicks did not work in Find mode. Fixed.
  • * MRUs: Now, patterns from the following commands are not added to the command's MRU list anymore when triggered via scripting:
      VisualFilter  (::filter)
      BatchRename   (::rename "b")
      RegExpRename  (::rename "r")
      SearchReplace (::rename "s")
      KeepParticularChars (::rename "k")