Monday, January 19, 2009

v7.90.0060 - 2009-01-19 14:43

  • + List: You got new columns, "Tag" and "Comment"! There's still no GUI for tagging files but you can already play with comments by editing tag.dat using this simple format:
    For example:
      C:\CONFIG.SYS|6|Do I need this file?
    The "Tag" column is filled with the default captions for the currently hard-coded color schemes. Later you can edit this.

    - For performance reasons the tags are retrieved only if at
      least one tag-based column is visible, i.e. either "Tag" or
      "Comment". If you add the column(s) only after browsing, you
      have to do a refresh (F5) to fill the columns and show any tag
    - Capitalization matters. If you manually edit tag.dat you must
      care for the right capitalization of the file names. Reason:
      Again for performance reasons, the comparisons are done by byte,
      not by character.
      Note, however, that once the GUI is implemented there is not
      much reason to manually edit tag.dat -- unless you are a
      hardcore power scripter...
  • + File Tags: The colors are now painted over the file name only. This better matches the similar "Highlight Folders" feature in Tree, and there are less conflicts with other kinds of markings in the List.
  • * Command/Button "Mini Tree": Now, when toggling from Maxi to (last) Mini Tree, the current path is kept even if it is not part of the last Mini Tree. So, no change of location will happen using this command.
  • * Menu View | Mini Tree: Replaced the rather useless command "Convert to Mini Tree" by "Minimize Tree" which will reduce the tree to show just the current node.
  • ! The last used Mini Tree was not saved when the app was closed in Maxi Tree mode. Fixed.
  • ! On startup, the combination of Mini Tree and a "non-matching" Permanent Startup Path involved an unnecessary temporary selection of the Mini Tree's first path. Fixed.