Friday, January 23, 2009

v7.90.0067 - 2009-01-23 18:36

  • + Configuration: Added new page for Tags.
    Show tags and comments: Uncheck it to stop showing tags and comments in the file list. Useful to speed up browsing when you have tagged a large number of items but do not need colors or tags at the moment. Note that reading and writing tag.dat is not affected by this setting.
    Customize tag names and colors: Self-evident. Note that the menu icons for tags in the main window will adjust to the back colors you have chosen -- nice programming job I'd say... :D
    Note the following extra functions of the buttons (also in the buttons' tooltips):
      - Edit: Hold CTRL to reset all to factory defaults.
      - Text Color: Hold CTRL to reset to default color.
      - Back Color: Hold CTRL to reset to default color. Hold SHIFT to
        remove any back color.
      - DblClick an item to edit its Back Color.
      - You can move the items by dragging them.
      - The Help is not yet updated, relax.
  • + Toolbar | Tags: Now there's a right-click menu with some additional commands. Note: When you select a tag from the right-click menu then the button will *not* change its default to this tag but keep the old default.
    Toggle item "Show Tags" is identical to checkbox "Show tags and comments" in configuration, I just used a short form for the looks.
  • * tag.dat: Added one empty line (reserved for future mind-blowing ideas...) to the header. This means your first tagged file will be ignored on first startup of this version. Hey, this is BETA.
  • * Menu File: If you use any of the "Copy Here with Suffix..." functions while the focus is on the Tree, you will now get a warning prompt since it is assumed that you'd normally use these functions with List items rather than Tree items.