Tuesday, February 5, 2008

v6.80.0060 - 2008-02-05 14:11

  • + Scripting: Added new stepping dialog. Looks better than before, and its screen position is remembered between steps, scripts, and sessions.
  • + Scripting: Now in all arguments of all scripting commands the following types of variables are resolved in this order:
    (1) User variables defined by "set", "unset", "input",
       "inputfile", or "inputfolder"
    (2) XYplorer variables like <curpath>, <dyyyy>, etc.
    (3) Environment variables like %temp%, %appdata%, etc.
    Obvious exception: The first argument (the variable name) of "set", "unset", "input", "inputfile", and "inputfolder" is not resolved.
      ::goto <xypath>    = goes to app path
      ::?goto <xypath>   = pops stepping dialog first
  • + Scripting command "goto": Now, if the destination could not be reached you are prompted whether to continue the script or quit.
  • ! Tree, List: Renaming volume labels (drive display names) by pressing F2 did not work with mapped drives. Fixed.