Wednesday, February 6, 2008

v6.80.0061 - 2008-02-06 11:56

  • + Scripting: Added a number of commands that allow you to change or ensure certain settings, and later (typically at the end of your script) restore them to the previous value.
      Syntax: setting name, value=1|0|r
        name: can be any of the following
          1 = true (default)
          0 = false
          r = restore previous value
        - If the nethood is currently hidden the following script
          will show the nethood and then hide it again. If the nethood
          was shown anyway the script will do nothing at all.
            ::setting shownethood, 1::setting shownethood, r
        - The following will hide folders in list (or do nothing if
          they are already hidden):
            ::setting HideFoldersInList
  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - Filter
        Action: apply a visual filter to the current tab
        Syntax: filter [filterspec]
          ::filter *.zip;*.rar = show only ZIP and RAR files
          ::filter             = remove any filters