Thursday, February 7, 2008

v6.80.0062 - 2008-02-07 12:18

  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - Msg
        Action: show a message box with a text of your choice
        Syntax: msg text
          ::msg Hello!     = show "Hello!"
          ::msg <xypath>   = show app path
          ::msg <dhh:nn:ss>= show time
  • + Scripting command "setting" enhanced: Now any changes using the setting command will be automatically undone when the script ends or is previously terminated. You can bypass this new behavior by adding the new parameter "p" (for permanent).
      New Syntax: setting name, value=1|0|r, [p]

    Alternatively to adding "p", you can use new the variant command "settingp" which is all identical to "setting" apart from resulting in permament changes:
        settingp name, value=1|0|r

    For example, this script will hide the folders, pop a message, and then show them again:
      ::setting HideFoldersInList::msg Look! No folders!
    These scripts will hide the folders, pop a message, and keep them hidden:
      ::setting HideFoldersInList, , p::msg Look! No folders!
      ::settingp HideFoldersInList::msg Look! No folders!

    This script shows you how to hide and reshow folders manually (lines wrapped!):
      ::setting HideFoldersInList, , p::msg Look! No folders!
      ::setting HideFoldersInList, 0, p
    This works identical to the one above. If the last "setting" command in the script uses the "p" parameter then there will be no auto-restore for that setting.
      ::setting HideFoldersInList::msg Look! No folders!
      ::setting HideFoldersInList, 0, p
  • ! Scripting: The previous command's arguments were not reset when the next command has no arguments at all. Fixed. This works now as expected (turns filter *.txt on and then off again):
      ::filter *.txt::filter
  • ! Scripting: There were some issues with recursive scripts. For example, a Goto UDC pointing to itself by number:
      Goto ::#1402
    would have crashed the app with stack oveflow. Now, it does not crash anymore but behaves good-mannered in informing you politely about the stack overflow. But that's no all, read on...
  • + Scripting: Added a recursion checker that should in most cases detect a recursive script structure and will terminate the script in that case (with a message).
  • + Configuration General: Added option "Expand tree nodes on single-click". When enabled any non-expanded tree node with child nodes will expand on a single click.