Thursday, February 28, 2008

v6.80.0087 - 2008-02-28 11:35

  • +++ New top menu "Scripting", with the following commands:
      - Step Through Scripts
        Toggle executing scripts stepwise. Stepping is recommended
        for debugging scripts.
        Default KS: Ctrl+Alt+S
      - Enable Extended Scripting
        Enable entering scripts through location interfaces (Address
        Bar, Go To, Catalog, Favorites). Such scripts must be
        additionally prefixed with a double-colon (::) to distinguish
        them from normal locations.
        Script items in Catalog show special icons only when Enable
        Extended Scripting is ON.
      - Enter Script...
        Enter and execute a script directly. The script can be multi-
        line, and you can enter more than one script (in which case a
        menu will pop up).
        The last entered script is remembered during the current
        XYplorer session. This memory is shared with the scripting
        command try.

  • * Configuration | Advanced | Enable Scripting: Now,
      if ON then
        - Menu "Scripting" is shown
        - Scripting related controls in CKS and UDC are shown
      if OFF then
        - Scripts are not processed unless you YES a yes/no prompt.
        - Menu "Scripting" is hidden
        - Scripting related controls in CKS and UDC are hidden