Sunday, February 17, 2008

v6.80.0080 - 2008-02-17 10:42

  • * Scripting: Now, when a sub-script (a script that was called by another script) is terminated by error or user decision then any calling super-scripts are terminated immediately as well.

  • + Scripting command enhanced:
      - selfilter
        Added new argument "column".
        Syntax: selfilter filterspec, [type = |f|d], [column]
          type: (none) = all, f=files only, d=dirs only
          column: column name (or part of) to filter by
            (default is Name)
          ::selfilter *h*, , attr
            = select all hidden items
          ::selfilter *Image*, , type
            = select all items of type "*image*"
          ::selfilter *Image**Bild*, , type
            = select all items of type "*image*" or "*bild*"

  • * Scripting command "sel".
      The "pattern" argument now has to be put in brackets instead of
      in quotes! It's easier to do and easier to read.
        ::sel """*.txt""" = select the next *.txt file.
        ::sel [*.txt]  = select the next *.txt file.
        ::sel [[*]     = select the next item starting with [
        ::sel [[abc]*] = select the next item starting with a, b, or c
    ! Scripting:
        ::sel [*.txt*] selected the next *.txt file.
        ::sel [*.txt]  did not (but should)!

  • ! Resolving <src...> variables in copyto/moveto/backupto did not work. For example:
      ::backupto D:\Archives\XY\<srcver>_<dyyyy-mm-dd>,
    Fixed. Now this backups the current XYplorer.exe to this location:
    Note that the <srcver> variable will not yet be resolved at the time of a stepping break.

  • * Menu View | Size Column Format | Show Folder Sizes: Now the list's scroll position and any selections are retained when toggling this switch.

  • * Iconized Tabs: Now, right-clicking them will always pop the main tab context menu. Before, when you right-clicked the left half of the icon, the breadcrumb menu was popped. This was not practical.