Thursday, February 14, 2008

v6.80.0075 - 2008-02-14 12:35

  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - write
        Action: Enter a script manually.
          This new powerful command allows you to manually enter a
          script which then is immediately executed on OK (press
          Ctrl+Enter to OK the form; the button had to be
          un-defaulted to allow Enter in the textbox). The last
          written script is remembered within the session.
          The entered script may have the format of scripts
          in script files: multi-line with indents, comments,
          caption. Note these obvious differences to scripts
          in script files:
          - No menu is popped.
          - If you enter more than one script only the
            first one is executed.
          - Labels are meaningless and ignored.
        Syntax: write
            In the textbox paste the following and press OK:
          "Show Date and Time" msg <dyyyy-mm-dd>; msg <dhh:nn:ss>;
          ::write;msg <clipboard>
            In the textbox paste the following and press OK:
            copytext Hi!
        The main use of the "write" command will be in debugging
        scripts. But who knows, a fluent script writer might well
        use it for on the fly scripting.

  • + Script files: Now you can hide a script from the popup menu while it still can be referred to via its label. Simply prefix the caption, or if there is no caption the label, with "_".
    For example:
      "_Show date : date"
        msg <dyyyy-mm-dd>
      "_Show time : time"
        msg <dhh:nn:ss>
      "Show Date && Time : datetime"
        sub date;
        sub time
      Or, without captions:
        msg <dyyyy-mm-dd>
        msg <dhh:nn:ss>
      "Show Date && Time : datetime"
        sub _date;
        sub _time

  • + Dialog "Stepping through a Script": Added button "Skip" which allows you to skip the current command and then continue with the script. This is very useful when your script offers an array of options from which you want to manually choose depending on your current needs.
      "My daily backups : bup"
        set $p, D:\Archives\<yyyy-mm-dd>;
        backupto $p, <xydata>\FindTemplates;
        backupto $p, <xydata>\NewItems;
        backupto $p, <xydata>\Scripts;
  • * Stepping through a Script: If you Cancel a script you now get a message on the statusbar instead of a messagebox. One click less.

  • ! Catalog: Relative references to applications were not correctly resolved (namely relative to application path). Fixed.
      If XYplorer is at C:\Programs\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe then
      - Test.exe is resolved to C:\Programs\XY\Test.exe
      - Test\Test.exe is resolved to C:\Programs\XY\Test\Test.exe
      - ..\Test\Test.exe is resolved to C:\Programs\Test\Test.exe
      - ?:\Test\Test.exe is resolved to C:\Test\Test.exe

  • ! Toolbar "Address Bar Go" context menu: "Copy Text" didn't do anything. Fixed.

  • ! Scripting: Parsing commands with params in parentheses did not always work. Fixed.