Wednesday, February 13, 2008

v6.80.0074 - 2008-02-13 11:11

  • + Scripting commands enhanced:
      - setting
        New setting "shownav" (show/hide tree & catalog).
          ::setting shownav, 0; msg "Look, no tree!"

      - text
        Syntax: text Text, [Width=500], [Height=300], [WindowCaption]
          Width = of window in pixels (min=200, max = screen width)
          Height = of window in pixels (min=150, max = screen height)
          WindowCaption = window caption
          ::text <clipboard>, 600, 400, Clipboard

      - inputfile
        Now you can separate the extensions using | (alternative to ;).
          ::inputfile ($file, Desktop, gif|jpg|png, Select Image File);
            text ($file, 600,200)

  • + Scripting: Now you may enclose a function's arguments in brackets. This is purely optional and without an function other than making your scripting code more readable if you are used to bracketing arguments. For example, these work identical:
      ::copytext "sep=;"; text <clipboard>, 600, 400, Clipboard;
      ::copytext ("sep=;"); text (<clipboard>, 600, 400, Clipboard);
  • * UDC Move To, Copy To, and Backup To enhanced. Now you can do something like this:
      ::backupto D:\Archives\XY_<srcver>_<dyyyy-mm-dd>,
        Backups the current XYplorer.exe to this location:
    Means: If a source is defined, the first source item can be referred to by variables in the location term. The same now works in scripting commands moveto, copyto, and backupto.

  • ! More scriping glitches fixed.

  • * Visual Filters: Now, you can separate Visual Filters by "|" as well, not only by ";". The | has priority of over ; so you now can filter items containing the ";" character, which has not been possible before:
      Desktop|;|, = List all items containing ";" or ","
    If you state only one pattern and this pattern contains a ; then you have to add another dummy | to avoid that the ; is treated as separator:
      Desktop|;|      = List all items containing ";"
      Desktop|;a|     = List all items containing ";a"
      Desktop|"*; *"| = List all items containing "; "

  • * Selection Filter: Same as above, works as separator.

  • + Toolbar: Added button "Address Bar Go". Clicking it does the same as pressing Enter in the Address Bar. I sometimes lacked a mouse way to do this, so here it is. There's also a little context menu.