Saturday, February 9, 2008

v6.80.0064 - 2008-02-09 14:07

  • +++ User-Defined Commands (UDC): Added two new command categories to give more GUI to scripting and relax the Goto category which was up to now the only way to run scripts via keyboard shortcut. They should be pretty self-evident and self-explaining:
      - Run Script
        Simply enter your script.
      - Load Script File
        Works identical to the script command "load". No wonder it
        has an optional parameter "Label" to identify scripts inside
        the loaded file and run them directly.
  • + Stepping through a Script: The dialog's buttons now have a little context menu featuring one additional option "Continue Script without Stepping". Select it to close the dialog and turn off general stepping mode (the mode you select via toolbar, or via CKS Miscellaneous / Scripting / Step Through Scripts).
    When the unstepped script is done, stepping mode is automatically reenabled.

  • * Scripting command changed/added:
      - CopyText, CopyTextA
        The 2nd optional argument "a" for append has been dropped.
        Reason: Allow the text argument to contain commas (argument
        separators) without problems (see next paragraph). For
        appending text to clipboard use the new command CopyTextA
        Syntax: CopyText  text = copy text to clipboard
                CopyTextA text = append text to clipboard

  • + Scripting commands enhanced:
      - Msg
        Now supports the line breaker <br>.
          ::msg line1<br>line2

      - CopyText, CopyTextA, Msg
        Now the text argument can contain commas+blanks without
        problems. They will not be confused with argument separators.
          ::copytext one, two, three
            Copies "one, two, three" to the clipboard.

      - Focus
        You can alternatively use long arguments.
          ::focus L
          ::focus List
          ::focus Lanzarote
        ... will all focus the list. Only the first letter counts.
        Same with the others:
          ::focus Tree
          ::focus Catalog
          ::focus Address Bar

      - InputFile
        Now supports a ;-separated list of extensions.
          ::inputfile $file, Desktop, gif;jpg;png, Select Image File

  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - Sub
        Action: Calls a script by label inside the same script file.
                This command can only be used inside script files.
        Syntax: ::sub label
        Examples (in script file):
          Show date : date
            ::msg <dyyyy-mm-dd>
          Show time : time
            ::msg <dhh:nn:ss>
          Show Date && Time : datetime
            ::sub date
            ::sub time
        Funny ideas like this are caught be the recursion checker :-)
          Recursive Sub : rec
            ::sub rec

  • + Enlarged the list of supported environment variables to "all". Before, only those the resolved to paths had been supported. Now you may use some or all of the following plus maybe others (depending on your OS and system settings):

  • + The Open File dialog (as used by ::inputfile) did not support UNICODE. Now it does! E.g., you now can select and return items with Chinese characters.