Friday, September 25, 2009

v8.40.0111 - 2009-09-25 14:59

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Configuration | Tabs | Show X buttons on tabs: Completely revised the options and algorithms. Now you have the following options:
      - Never
      - Selected tab [factory default]
      - All tabs
      - All tabs on hover
    Note that "All tabs" and "All tabs on hover" will show the X buttons on each tab (except iconized) regardless how small it is.
  • + Configuration | Tabs: Added option "Display folder name only".
    Check to have only the current child folder name in the tab headers.
  • * Menu Tools:
      - Moved a couple of commands to a new sub menu "Tools Special".
      - Renamed "Edit Configuration File..." to "Open Configuration
        File...". Reason: This is what the command does. The editing is
        something you can do afterwards...
      - Moved the following submenus from menu View to menu Tools:
          Tree Style
          List Style
          Size Column Format
          Date Column Format
        Reason: These are mostly "Set And Forget" options that belong to
        the configuration department (traditionally located under menu
        Tools) rather than the View department. Others (e.g. Sticky
        Selection) have not much to do with "View".
  • ! Report: On a locked tree it did not report on the current list location but the focused tree node's location, which was the less expected one to use when both differed. Fixed.
  • * Report: Now, after saving the report To File, XY obeys PFA when offering to open the created report.
  • * Tabwise find settings: The tab_#.dat files in the panes subfolders are now internally renamed from *.dat to *.ini. They had been named *.dat before only to avoid name potential collisions. This is not necessary anymore.
  • * Search Templates: Now Search Template Caching is possible independently of Search Tab Caching, i.e. it works also (read & write) when Configuration | Find Files | Cache Search Results is turned OFF.
  • ! Custom Toolbar Buttons: Fixed two glitches concerning popup menu position and captions.
  • * Find Files | Contents: Added option "Wildcards". Check it to allow wildcards * and ? in the pattern. Uncheck it to allow searching for characters * and ? in the file contents.