Saturday, September 5, 2009

v8.30.0006 - 2009-09-05 15:09- The Line Numbers Edition

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  • * List | Details View: The Line Numbers column now autosizes. The column will enlarge as necessary but never shrink below the user-defined minimum size. The allowed minimum size now is 2 digits (was 3 before).
  • * List | Details View: Made the line number column dark grey on light grey.
  • * List | Details View | Line Numbers Column: The right-click menu of the column header now is the same as with the other columns, namely menu View | Columns, because it's what's expected here.
    Before it was menu View | Current Tab | Sort By, but this is available in the right-click menu of the list already anyway. Same change for the column header area right of the columns.
  • ! History: Buggy. Fixed.