Friday, September 18, 2009

v8.40.0105 - 2009-09-18 14:30

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • * View | Current Tab | Views | Details: Now it toggles "Details View" and last view. The last view is global across tabs and panes, and remembered between sessions.
  • * Toolbar: Added button "Details View". Triggers command View | Current Tab | Views | Details.
    If you don't like toggle buttons you have now 3 buttons to switch between the most popular views: Details, List, Thumbnails.
  • * Custom Toolbar Buttons: Forget about the "file:" syntax introduced in v8.40.0103. Not being completely satisfying it was replaced by something better: Now you can use the normal "load" command, even with labels, so you have maximum control over your CTB right-click menu.
    Example (in field Right-Click):
      load "test", "foo" //load script labeled "foo" from "test.xys"
    The file will be loaded and parsed, and then the context menu is shown, with the standard items (Click, Edit... etc) appended at the bottom.
    If the file contains only one script, it is not executed directly (as it would be in a "non-Right-Click" load statement) but shown in the menu.
  • + Scripting: Now you can set a label to "*" in the script resource to mark a script that will match all labels in the load command.
      Script resource "hello.xys":
        "Hello : hello" msg "Hello!"
        "Good bye : bye" msg "Good bye!"
        "Go to hell : _hell" msg "Go to hell!"
        "- : *"
        "Cancel : *"
        // will also show the separator and Cancel item in the menu
        load "hello", "hello;bye";
        // will show all items (even hidden)
        load "hello", "*";
        // will show all visible items
        load "hello";
        // will show only items with "*" label
        load "hello", "xxx"; //label does not exist
      Note: If you pass only one label in the load statement then
      this command will be run as usual:
        // will run the item with label "hello"
        load "hello", "hello";
  • ! Scripting: The new syntax
      "Caption|Icon|State : Label" Script
    did not work alright for scripts called by label. Fixed.
  • * History and Recent Locations: Now auto-adjust to rename events.
  • * History: Now, when attempting to go back or forward to a non-existing path that is also not part of the Tree you get a message. As before, the next existing parent path is selected.