Tuesday, September 29, 2009

v8.40.0115 - 2009-09-29 11:54

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ Added Manual Sorting to the file list. In Manual Sorting mode you can direcly manipulate the displayed order of items by dragging them to a new position. You can drag single as well as multiple items -- the latter even when the selections are non-contiguous in which case they are inserted as a contiguous group to the new position.
    Manual Sorting mode has been implemented as a List Style (and as such it is stored with tabs and across sessions). In case you wonder why it's not found in the Sort By submenu: Manual Sorting mode is not a particular sort order but rather a special function of dragging. If Manual Sorting is enabled then dragging does sort items, else dragging does move/copy items.
    If you exit Manual Sorting mode (untick the List Style) then the manual sort order is preserved until anything of the following happens:
      - You resort the list (press column headers etc).
      - You refresh the list (F5).
      - You switch to another tab and then back to this tab.
      - You exit and restart the app.

    A good use of Manual Sorting is to prepare mass renaming where you want the files in a particular order before the rename is applied. In future it will also become very useful for Virtual Folders (which actually will remember a custom sort order!).

    - Manual Sorting just concerns display. The files are not touched
      at all.
    - When Manual Sorting is enabled you cannot drag items from the
      list to any other controls using the left mouse button. Right
      button drag however works as usual.
    - The manual sort order is temporary and not remembered in a tab
      or between sessions. Also on a List Refresh it's gone. Therefore
      Auto-Refresh is suspended while a manual sort order is in effect
      to protect it from an unwanted List Refresh.
    - Manual Sorting also works with Find Results and other list
      modes (not necessarily extremely useful though with any mode).
    - WE has Manual Sorting as well, but only in Thumbnails and Tiles
      view. XYplorer now has it in all views.
  • ! List: Selecting a focused but non-selected item by pressing Space did not work anymore for a couple of versions. Fixed.
  • ! List: Quitting a drag-n-drop operation by ESC and with the mouse hovering the list lead to deselection of all selected items (as if MouseUp on white). Fixed: Selections are preserved.
  • ! List / Tabs: In the past the focused item of a list resp. tab was remembered by its position, not by its name. Hence it was possible that the focused item was not correctly remembered if the contents of the folder had changed. Fixed. Now focused items are remembered by name.