Thursday, September 17, 2009

v8.40.0102 - 2009-09-17 12:20

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now you can define a separate script for a user button's right-click event. It is merged with the standard right-click menu for user buttons (where, by the way, the caption "Run" was changed to "Click").
    This means now you can have user buttons that do one thing on left click and pop lots of additional options on right click. Thanks to jacky for a cool idea!
  • + Scripting: Changed yesterday's syntax for item states. No more prefixed "+" or "!". Now you define the states Default (Bold), Checked, and Disabled by combining binary values.
        "Caption|Icon|State : Label" Script
        State Default  = 1
        State Checked  = 2
        State Disabled = 4
    For example:
      "Go C:|C:|1" goto "C:\"; //shown bold
      "Go D:|D:|2" goto "D:\"; //shown checked
      "Go E:|E:|3" goto "E:\"; //shown bold and checked
  • + Scripting: The following commands are now DEPRECATED (but still supported) and have been converted to functions:
      getkey, strlen, strpos, substr, replace, regexreplace, readurl
    The first argument of the old statement syntax is now the return value of the function.
    Note that the overloading of the keyword (to support statement and function syntax at the same time) is only possible by making distinctive use of parentheses, for example:
      substr($a, "abcdef", 1); echo $a; //not good anymore!!!
      substr $a, "abcdef", 1; echo $a;  //still ok
    The new function syntax does the same much simpler:
      echo substr("abcdef", 1);
  • * SC readurl, now a function, has a new nocookies parameter.
      - ReadURL
      Action: Return the contents of a web file.
      Syntax: readurl(url, [nocookies])
        url:       [required] URL
        nocookies: [optional]
          0 = use cookies
          1 = don't use cookies
        return: url's contents
        ::text readurl("");
  • ! The logic of the PopupMenusAtSelection tweak got corrupted recently. Fixed.