Friday, September 4, 2009

v8.30.0005 - 2009-09-04 14:15

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Search Templates Dialog: Added option "Load saved results". Here you have a choice whether to load any cached results or not. The enabled state of the checkbox tells you whether cached results are existing in the template or not.
    Any implied states of the other options are auto-handled for you.
  • * SC LoadSearch enhanced: New option "c" to load cached results.
    Here's the whole picture:
    - LoadSearch
      Action: Load a previously stored search template and
              (optionally) run a search based on it.
      Syntax: loadsearch template, [options=rl]
        template: [required] search template name
                  as displayed in the search template dialog
        options:  [optional, default = rl]
                  r = Run Search
                      Run search after the template is loaded. Else
                      just the Find Files tab is adjusted to the
                      loaded template.
                  l = Load Search Location
                      Search the location that's stored with the
                      template. Else search the current location.
                  e = Load Excluded Folders
                      Excluded folders as stored with the template.
                      Else use the currently excluded folders.
                  c = Load Cached Results (if any)
                      If this option is set the other options (r, l, e)
                      are auto-implied.
                  x = (none of the above)
  • * Menu File: "Special" is now "File Special".
  • * Menu Edit: Moved commands "New Shortcut..." and "New Path..." into submenu "New".
  • * Menu Edit: Moved the selection commands to new submenu "Select".
  • ! Move/Copy/Backup To dialog: Right-click menu "Sort Destinations" interfered with native list menu ("Copy Current Item" etc.). Found a better solution: Right-click menu now features command "Sort Items".
  • * Configuration | Panes | Tab key: Renamed "Swap panes only" to "Tab between both panes only".
  • ! Thumbnails: Flicker when a list with thumbnails was auto-refreshed (items added or removed). Fixed.