Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Home Edition" now available at low introductory price!

Beginning with version 8.30, the new Home Edition ("Lifetime License Home") of XYplorer buys you everything the current Pro Edition has -- apart from a handful of advanced features -- and is available at a dramatically reduced introductory price:

Lifetime License Pro : €29.95 -- US $44.95 -- £28.95
Lifetime License Home: € 9.95 -- US $14.95 -- £ 8.95

What's the Catch? Well, the Home Edition is feature-reduced. It has everything the current Pro Edition (8.30) has, apart from the following advanced features:

  • Catalog (Favorites Panel)
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Network Server Caching
  • Portable File Associations / Portable Openwith Menu
  • Scripting
  • User-Defined Commands

See the Feature List for a detailed comparison between Pro and Home Edition. If you don't need the above features, the Home Edition is a very good deal for you!