Wednesday, September 2, 2009

v8.30.0002 - 2009-09-02 12:46

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Search Templates Dialog: Search Templates now support caching, i.e. you can save search results in a template file (in <xydata>\FindTemplates), and load them back into the list at any point in future via the Search Templates dialog.
    Writing the cache: You can control whether search results are stored on a per-template basis using the new option "Save search results" below the "Save to Template..." button. Of course, the option is only enabled when search results are present in the file list.
    Reading the cache: Any previously cached results are only read when you also check all the following options. Reason: Otherwise the displayed results would be out of synch with the Find Files panel.
      - Run search at once
      - Load search location
      - Load excluded folders
    Writing and reading the cache is super-controlled by the setting Cache Search Results in Configuration | Find Files.
  • + Menu Help: Added toggle "Keyboard Shortcuts on Menu". Here you can choose whether hints for keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the main menu (factory default), or not.
  • - Menu Help: Removed "Find Files Help". Relict from prehistory.
  • * Menu Help: Renamed commands
      Scripting Commands   -> Help on Scripting Commands
      Keyboard Shortcuts   -> Help on Keyboard Shortcuts
      List of Functions... -> Make List of Functions...
  • * Menu File: Moved all "Copy Here..." commands into a new submenu "Duplicate".
    Note that -- contrary to the old (now updated) description text in CKS dialog -- all five commands work on files as well as folders (with all contents), and on single as well as multiple selections.
  • * Menu File: Added new submenu "Special" and moved the following commands there:
      Create Shortcut(s)
      Delete (No Recycle Bin) Shift+Del
      Delete (Skip Locked)    Ctrl+Del
      Swap Names              Ctrl+Shift+F2
  • * Raw View: A Raw Viewed file is no longer kept open and locked until it is actively unselected. Now, when you close the Info Panel or select another tab on the Info Panel the file is closed and unlocked immediately.
    Made you sad? See next section...
  • + Added tweak to keep a Raw Viewed file open and locked until it is actively unselected:
    Note that the state RawViewKeepOpen=1 has been the hard-coded reality in TrackerV3/XYplorer ever since, but nobody (incl. me) ever liked it a lot, and many users were disturbed by the nasty file lockings resulting from this behavior. The tweak is for all of you who just love locked files. ;)
  • ! Overlong filenames: When copying a file with overlong filename to clipboard, the file's short name was not correctly put to the clipboard. Fixed.
    FYI, the clipboard (tested on XP) will not handle items > 1027 characters.
  • * POM/PFA: Before, multiple instances of the opening application were called when multiple files were to be opened. Now, a single instance is called with multiple files passed in the command line. This is in perfect analogy with Catalog Open With, UDC Open With, and SC openwith, which all default to opening a single instance.