Monday, August 11, 2008

v7.40.0016 - 2008-08-11 15:06

  • + Menu View | Folder View Settings: Added command "Manage Folder Views...". Opens the usual List Management interface where you can see a list of all stored Folder Views. You can Edit them (= change the folder match pattern), and you can delete them.

    Best Match Algorithm
    Why didn't I provide the ability to sort them? Because I designed a decision algorithm (to decide which match is the best if the current folder matches more than folder match patterns) that does not depend on the order of the stored Folder Views. Otherwise you would have gain a little more control, but the price would have been too high IMO: You would have been forced to do manual sorting whenever you added a new FV.
    This is how it works:
    (1) Match ranking from best to worst in 4 groups: Full Match >
        Pattern Match > Full Match Including Subs > Pattern Match
        Including Subs.
    (2) If more than one pattern matches within one group, then the
        longest pattern (character count) wins.
  • + FVS: Now you can state a |-separated list of patterns within one FV, e.g.: *\images\|*\pics\|*\fotos\
  • + FVS: Now when changing from a FV to a non-FV folder and no default FV is defined, the non-FV folder will inherit the view settings of the last non-FV folder. In other words: You do not have to define a Default Folder View anymore (and set its props to "Auto-save changes") to get the fall-back-to-previous-view functionality. It's there right out of the box! Works even across sessions.
  • * Toolbar: You have to re-show your "Folder View Settings" button because I changed its internal key from "fss" to "fvs".
  • * FVS Edit Dialog: slightly re-arranged the elements.
  • ! FVS: When you used a wildcard pattern as folder specification the Include Subfolders flag was ignored. Fixed.
  • + List: Added automatic horizontal scrolling when dragging over the "List" view. I inserted a 100 ms break between each column scroll else would be too fast to handle.
  • * List | Thumbnails View: Improved (IMO) the looks of thumbs! Now they are framed by 3 pixel wide margin.
  • * List | Thumbnails View: From now on, dimensions are only shown for thumbnails of 54x30 pixels or larger. Otherwise the label would cover to much of the thumbnail or its contents would not be readable.