Friday, August 29, 2008

v7.50.0002 - 2008-08-29 09:50

  • * Scripting command enhanced:
      - set
        Now it can be used to resolve any environment and XY-native
        variables found inside the 'value' argument. It's like a second
        processing, since all arguments get already resolved one time
        when they are passed to the function.
        New Syntax: set output, value, [r]
          output: required, variable
          value:  required, anything goes
          r:      optional, resolve any env and xy vars found in value

        ::copytext '%tmp%'; set $a, <clipboard>; msg $a
          > %tmp%
        ::copytext '%tmp%'; set $a, <clipboard>, r; msg $a
          > C:\Temp

        ::copytext '<date>'; set $a, <clipboard>; msg $a;
          > <date>
        ::copytext '<date>'; set $a, <clipboard>, r; msg $a;
          > 29.08.2008 08:34:37

        ::set $a, '<date>'; set $b, $a; msg $b;
          > <date>
        ::set $a, '<date>'; set $b, $a, r; msg $b;
          > 29.08.2008 08:34:37

  • ! Scripting: Fixed further issues with repeated processing.
    These examples now work as expected:
    ::copytext '%tmp%'; msg <clipboard> + %windir%;
      > %Tmp% + C:\WINDOWS
    ::copytext '<date>'; set $cb, <clipboard>; msg $cb;
      > <date>
    ::copytext 'The <clipboard> is exploding!';
      set $a, <clipboard>; msg $a
      > The <clipboard> is exploding!
    ::set $c, 'ROAAR!!!'; copytext '$c'; msg <clipboard>
      > $c
  • * Release Package: From now on a sample catalog.dat file is distributed and will be installed by the installer if no catalog.dat file already exists.