Tuesday, August 19, 2008

v7.40.0026 - 2008-08-19 12:43

  • * FVS | Save Folder View As...: Now the backslashedness of the patterns is ignored when checking for any existing patterns. So saving "D:\Folder\" as "D:\Folder" will now overwrite "D:\Folder\" and rename the pattern to "D:\Folder" without asking. Avoids creating (pseudo-)duplicates.
    Note that backslashedness of a pattern is irrelevant anyway, but changing the capitalization can be relevant in wildcarded patterns when Match Case is enabled. So you are allowed to create a dupe when you save "D:\Folder" as "d:\folder" because there may be a good reason behind it. You may e.g. rename "D:\Folder" later to "*\Folder".
  • * Quick File View: Added checkbox "Word wrap" for dynamically toggling word wrap. The caret position and any selection is preserved when switching the mode (but not the scroll position). The setting is retained between dialogs and between sessions.
  • * Configuration | Advanced: Renamed "Assume that servers exist" to "Assume that servers are available". Remarks: Skipping the check for availability might speed up browsing. However, password protected servers won't pop up a logon dialog!
    The factory default for this setting was changed from 1 to 0.
  • * Backup operations: Now any open Raw View is closed when you trigger a Backup operation. Also you cannot do a Raw View while backup is in progress. This is because raw-viewed files may be locked, and locked files are blocked from backup.