Sunday, August 31, 2008

v7.50.0005 - 2008-08-31 13:38

  • * Menu File | To Clipboard: Added command "Image". If the current file is an image file this command will copy the image directly to the clipboard.
  • * Release Package: Now, a default catalog file called "CatalogDefault.dat" is installed in (copied to) the application path (AP).
    If on application startup no "catalog.dat" file is found in the application data path (ADP), then "[AP]\CatalogDefault.dat" is copied to "[ADP]\catalog.dat".
    Note that the installer will copy "CatalogDefault.dat" only if it does not exist. It will never overwrite any already existing "CatalogDefault.dat" even if it is older. This means:
    (1) The installation, even if using the non-install package, and
        even if your ADP is identical to your AP, will never overwrite
        your current "catalog.dat".
    (2) You can use "[AP]\CatalogDefault.dat" for your own purpose as
        a backup for "[ADP]\catalog.dat". But note that when you use
        the *non*-install package, "CatalogDefault.dat" might be
    overwritten on extracting the archive.