Monday, September 1, 2008

v7.50.0008 - 2008-09-01 15:35

  • + List Management Dialog: The Editor now supports UNICODE.
  • + Edit boxes: Added a few service key combos to convert selected text
      F5:       to Title Case (converts the first letter of every
                word in string to upper case); this is for ANSI
                strings only
      Shift+F5: to UPPER CASE
      Ctrl+F5:  to lower case
    If no text is selected then the conversion applies to the character right after the caret. Works in all editable multiline boxes, and also in Rename Boxes and Font Preview Sample. BTW, took those KS from UltraEdit.
  • + Scripting: Now you have the usual variable assignment syntax using the equal(=)-operator. Any number of blanks surrounding the "=" are ignored. This syntax is an alternative to the set command, and internally it's converted to a set command.
    For example, these now work indentically:
      ::set $a, "Hi!"; msg $a;
      ::$a = "Hi!"; msg $a;
    Note that the syntax also supports a 2nd parameter -- a bit unusal but why not:
      ::copytext '%tmp%'; set $a, <clipboard>, r; msg $a
      ::copytext '%tmp%'; $a = <clipboard>, r; msg $a
  • * Scripting commands enhanced:
      - getkey, setkey
        Now they support reading/writing values of up to 32,766
        characters. Before the limit was 1,023.
  • ! Scripting command "self": Output variable was not reset to empty when an illegal parameter was passed. Fixed.
  • * Menu File | To Clipboard | Image: Now you can assign a KS.
  • ! Preview Tab | Image Preview | Context Menu: "Copy Original" failed with crash on big pictures (approx 10+ Megapixels, depending on system). Now it does not crash anymore.
  • ! Wildchar use in Go to feature was broken. Fixed.
  • + INI-Tweak to automatically reconnect mapped drives on startup.