Saturday, September 6, 2008

v7.50.0016 - 2008-09-06 10:13

  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - ReadURL
        Action: Read the contents of a web file into a variable.
        Syntax: readurl output, url
          output: [required] variable
          url:    [required] URL
          ::readurl $a, ""; text $a
  • * Scripting command "download": Changed the default file name for the target *again*. Now, to keep it in line with those other creations of XYplorer, the current date is added (and only then, if necessary, a number increment):
      Download-20080905.htm    (download URL to file)
      DroppedText-20080905.txt (drop text to file)
      Clipboard-20080905.png   (paste text/image to file)
    BTW, you can define the format of those dates in Configuration | Report | Filename templates | Date suffix.
  • * Scripting command "status": Now it waits until any pending processes are completed before setting the new status message.
  • * Scripting: Before, line breaking of texts was handled by a global "line breaker" (that could be defined using the command "br"). This line breaker was unconditionally active in three commands: copytext, msg, and text. Now, the line breaker is passed as an optional argument to each of these commands and thus handled individually. This gives you much better control. New syntax for the following commands:
      - copytext text, [append], [linebreaker]
      - msg text, [buttons], [linebreaker]
      - text Text, [Width=600], [Height=400], [WindowCaption],
          [Wrap], [linebreaker]
      Where linebreaker (optional) is any character sequence to be
      replaced by a line break.
      ::copytext "Blah<br>Blah", , "<br>"
      ::msg "Continue script?##Sure??", 1, "#"
  • - Scripting: Removed command "br" (see previous paragraph).
  • * Statusbar: Now displays a Pilcrow (¶) where a message has a line break. Try this to see it:
      ::copytext "Blah<br>Blah", , "<br>"