Wednesday, September 10, 2008

v7.60.0001 - 2008-09-10 11:55

  • + Scripting Step Dialog: Added information about the potential risk associated with the command to be executed. There are the following risk classes:
    (3) Potentially harmful because the function ID might refer to
        some risky process which is unknown at this point (either an
        internal command or a UDC):
          #[function ID]
    (2) Potentially harmful because files or folders are affected:
          backupto, copyto, delete, download, moveto, new, open,
          openwith, rename, run, setkey, swapnames, timestamp
    (1) Potentially harmful because step mode is terminated:
    (0) Harmless:
          (all others)
    Class 3, 2, and 1 are marked with a yellow "warning" icon, class 0 with a green "ok" icon.
  • * Menu Window | Show Navigation Panel / Show Tree / Show Catalog: Change the interrelated logic between the three. Since v7.30.0027 (2008-07-26 21:46) you could get an empty grey area when both Tree and Catalog were hidden but Navigation Panel was shown. This was irritating users and understandably so. Now, when you hide both Tree and Catalog then the Navigation Panel is hidden automatically as well, and it is auto-shown (if necessary) when you show Tree or Catalog.
    Special case: When all three are hidden and you then select Show Navigation Panel, then by default the Tree is shown being the more traditional control and, more imortant, the one the guaranteed contents.
  • * Menu View | Date Column Format | Show Weekday: If "Show Weekday" is enabled and the file date is within the last hour, you now get "Now" instead of "Today". You can tweak the actual word for "Now", for example you can set it to "Ahora" by editing the INI-file like this:
      ; Tweak: 'Now' in file dates
    Or set it to "Today" if you don't care about this new feature.
  • ! Menu File To Clipboard Image: Did not work correctly with ARGB images. Fixed.