Tuesday, September 30, 2008

v7.60.0036 - 2008-09-30 12:15

  • + DropDown: Now implemented on Find Files Name & Location tab.
  • + DropDown: Icon in Edit box now honours ScriptSmartDetect. Actually the ScriptSmartDetect tweak is now honoured everywhere where quick scripting works. So you can e.g. add a Catalog entry with "location":
      echo "smart script";
    If ScriptSmartDetect=1 then you will see the correct script icon and the script will run on a single click.
  • + DropDown: Some special service keys now also work with the Edit box of the new DropDown:
      Ctrl+A: Select All.
      F2:     If all is selected: unselect all, move caret to end
              of text. Else: select all.
  • ! DropDown: List did not wheel. Fixed.
  • ! DropDown: Fixed a couple of other glitches.
  • ! Homezoned tabs were overwritten by permanent startup path. Fixed.
  • ! Scripting: Did not work as expected:
      msg <date dd-mm-yyyy>; //30-09-2008
  • ! Scripting: Did not work as expected:
      msg (1 == 1) ? ('$a is a variable') : 'uh?'; //$a is a variable
  • * Menu Go: Made some captions a bit more consistent and hopefully newbie-friendlier by means of redundancy:
      "Go to Application Path"
      "Go to Application Data"
      "Go to Script Files"
      "Go to Application Folder"
      "Go to Application Data Folder"
      "Go to Scripts Folder"