Monday, September 22, 2008

v7.60.0025 - 2008-09-22 22:00

  • %%% Tree and File List snappier due to new strategy in icon retrieval, and a couple of other inspired moments.
  • * Menu View | Current Tab | Views: Redefined the View selection logic. Now each view item is a toggle between the view in question and Details view. Hence the item "Toggle Details/Thumbnails #1" could be removed (use "Thumbnails #1" instead).
  • + Toolbar: Added button "List View". Toggles between List View and Details View.
  • + Toolbar: Redesigned buttons for "Toggle Details/Thumbnails #1" and "Views".
    Note that you will have to re-add the "Toggle Details/Thumbnails #1" button to your toolbar because of a necessary internal change.
  • * Menu Scripting | Try Script...: Now the step mode is enabled even before the window is opened to give you a better visual feedback.
  • ! Scripting: Spaces were trimmed before line-end comments. Not a good idea. Fixed.
  • ! Scripting: Variables list was buggy. Fixed.
  • ! List View: Internal state was set only after the painting was completed. Now it's set before. This should fix some issues where the internal state was out- of-synch.