Monday, September 15, 2008

v7.60.0010 - 2008-09-15 22:08

  • + Toolbar: Added button "Show Tree".
  • ! A FVS related bug from 7.50 could still survive in corrupted INIs and fvs.dat files. Fix #2.
  • * Scripting: It is not necessary anymore (but allowed) to surround comparison operators with blanks. However, to avoid ambiguities in parsing, you have to put XY internal variables (<curpath>, <xyver>...) within doubled quotes strings _IF_ they are to be interpolated!
      ::msg <xypath>;         = okay, variable is isolated
      ::msg "<xypath>";       = okay, variable is isolated & quoted
      ::msg "XY = ".<xypath>; = okay, variable is isolated
      ::msg XY = <xypath>;    = NOT okay, variable is interpolated
                                but not quoted
      ::msg "XY = <xypath>";  = okay, variable is interpolated &
    These work all the same:
      ::assert <xyver>>="7.60.0009"
      ::assert "<xyver>">="7.60.0009"
      ::assert <xyver> >= "7.60.0009"
      ::assert "<xyver>" >= "7.60.0009"
      ::assert ("<xyver>" >= "7.60.0009")
  • ! SC "text" would get confused with UNIX files (linefeed = LF) when a line breaker was active. Fixed. Also added support for Max files (linefeed = CR).
  • ! Scripting: A Ternary Conditional and a Comparison could under certain conditions be processed when inside quotes. Fixed.