Sunday, September 7, 2008

v7.50.0018 - 2008-09-07 10:42

  • * Scripting: Backward-compatibility needs made it necessary to set the old line breaker <br> as default for the optional linebreaker argument in the following functions:
      - copytext text, [append], [linebreaker="<br>"]
      - msg text, [buttons], [linebreaker="<br>"]
      - text Text, [Width=600], [Height=400], [WindowCaption],
          [Wrap], [linebreaker="<br>"]
    This means, to avoid the automatic replacing of <br> with CRLF you have to pass an empty string ("") as line breaker argument.
      ::copytext "Blah<br>Blah"
        = copies "Blah¶Blah" (<br> is replaced with CRLF)
      ::copytext "Blah<br>Blah", , "<br>"
        = copies "Blah¶Blah" (<br> is replaced with CRLF)
      ::copytext "Blah<br>Blah", , ""
        = copies "Blah<br>Blah" (<br> is NOT replaced)
      ::readurl $a, "";
        text $a,,,,,""
        = shows HTML without replacing <br> with CRLF
  • ! Menu File | Settings | Load Configuration: INI-files containing extra-dots (e.g. "XYplorer7.50.ini") would not be loaded nor remembered correctly. Fixed.