Saturday, September 27, 2008

v7.60.0032 - 2008-09-27 20:26

  • +++ New DropDown Control.
    - supports Unicode
    - supports Auto-Complete path/file names
    - supports Auto-Complete recently used items
    - supports TABbing through the items
    - F4, Up, Down: all open the list; F4 closes again; next Up or Down select list items; selection wraps around ends
    - shows icons for edit box and list items (where applicable)
    - list supports mouse wheel
    - edit box ignores mouse wheel (that's good!)
    - is not a so-called UserControl (that's very good!) and not made of MS parts but fully hand-made, and hence incredibly powerful and enhanceable, extremely fast and low in memory consumption Test the new control e.g. in the Go To dialog (Ctrl+G). Later it will be added to various places of the app. and will eventually replace the current Address Bar.
    + Configuration: Added option "Auto-optimize tree". Check to automatically collapse non-current nodes in Tree. Rule: Auto-optimize sets in when you expand the current tree node.
    ! SC setkey: Now supports creating UNICODE files. Your existing INI files will work as before but newly created ones will be in UTF-16 and thus support double byte characters sets.
    ! SC compare(): Buggy when they were a different number of digits at each slot. Fixed.
      ::echo compare("1.3", "1.12", "v"); // 1 (30 > 12)
      ::echo compare("1.0.0002", "1.0.001", "v"); // -1 (2 < 10)
    + SC confirm() enhanced:
      Name:   confirm
      Syntax: confirm(text, [linebreaker])
        ::echo confirm("Should#I#stay#or#should#I#go#?", "#");