Saturday, September 13, 2008

v7.60.0007 - 2008-09-13 14:41

  • + Scripting: Added a bit of conditional logic in a form of "ternary conditionals" as used in various programming languages (e.g. PHP). The logic (this structure is not yet part of XY!) is this:
      if (condition) {
      variable = value-if-true;
      } else {
      variable = value-if-false;
    As ternary conditional the same can be written like follows and is now available in XY scripting:
      variable = (condition) ? value-if-true : value-if-false;
    The parentheses and the blanks are optional, so these are identical:
      variable = (condition) ? value-if-true : value-if-false;
      variable = (condition)? value-if-true: value-if-false;
      variable = condition?value-if-true:value-if-false;
    The part "condition" has the form
        "a" operator "b"
    where "a" and "b" are whole strings (without any concatenators), and "operator" can be one of the following:
        ==  Equal
        !=  Not Equal
        <   Less than
        >   Greater than
        <=  Less than or Equal to
        >=  Greater than or Equal to
     (none) True if expression is not 0 and not ""
    The parts "value-if-true" and "value-if-false" must be whole
    strings (without any concatenators).

      ::$a = <date>>= "12"? "afternoon": "morning";
        msg "Good $a!";
      ::$a = ( == "12-24")? "": "not ";
        msg "It's $a"."X-mas!";
      ::$a=1;$b=2;$c=3;$d=4;$e=$a==$b?$c:$d; msg $e;

    Now the best part: You can employ ternary conditionals in any argument or part of argument!
      ::msg "Good ".<date> >= "12"? "afternoon": "morning"."!";
      ::msg "Good ".(<date> >= "12")? "afternoon": "morning"."!";
      ::msg "It's ".<date> == "12-24"? "": "not"." X-mas!";
      ::getinfo $a, "CountSelected"; $r=$a?"$a":"no";
        msg "There " . $a!=1?"are":"is" . " $r selection" .
        $a!=1?"s":"" . ".";
  • ! FVS: As a side-effect of a recent fix in v7.60.0005 the list styles would get lost when switching between special folders (MyComputer, Nethood) and normal folders on a fresh installation. Fixed.
  • ! SC download: Extension .htm was appended to all downloaded files that were not *.htm. Stupid bug. Fixed: Now .htm is appended only to files that are HTML but lack the extension.
      ::download ""
        = creates local copy "viewforum.php_f=2.htm" (where _ is your
          replacement char for illegal characters).
  • + Configuration | Color Filters: To reset textcolor or backcolor to the default value, simply hold CTRL when you click the Text Color resp. Back Color button.
  • ! Monospace Fonts: Possible issues (wrong size) due to misinterpreted number formating when user switches locale. Fixed. Your monospace font size settings will be reset to factory defaults due to the fix.