Friday, September 12, 2008

v7.60.0005 - 2008-09-12 15:14

  • +++ Color Filters 2.0: Now you can define the *backcolor* of items! The usage is just as simple as it has been before:
      Before: patternlist>textcolor
      Now: patternlist>textcolor,backcolor
    And just like before, you can configure your color filters either in Configuration Color Filters, where you can define the colors using the standard Windows color selector. Or you can use List Management Color Filters, where you can enter the colors directly in RRGGBB format.

    - The usage of backcolor is optional, of course. So if you are not
      interested in this new feature you don't have to do anything and
      everything stays as it has been before.
    - Leave any of the fields empty to use default colors:
      /s>FF0000,FFFF80 -> red on light yellow
      /s>FF0000        -> red on default back color
      /s>,FFFF80       -> default text color on light yellow
    - The backcolor will not cover the whole row but just the name of
      the item. Therefore you should choose text colors that work on the
      filter's backcolor as well as on the list's backcolor.
    - If an item is selected the backcolor will be stretched 7 pixels
      to the right in order to have it still visible behind the focus
  • + Scripting got a new command:
      - GetInfo
        Action: Get various info into variable.
        Syntax: getinfo output, info, [param1]
          output: [required] variable
          info:   [required] sort of info (case-sensitive)
          param1: [optional] depends on info
        Possible values for info and param1:
        - "CountSelected", [(unused)]
          Count of selected items in List.
        - "SelectedItemsPathNames", [delimiter=CRLF]
          All selected items (full path/name) in List, delimited by
          ::getinfo $a, "CountSelected"; msg $a
          ::getinfo $a, "SelectedItemsPathNames", ""; msg $a
  • * Scripting command "InternetFlags": Now turning the flag ON is the default if you don't pass a value. The interflags setting lives on the stack. Also the error handling has been improved.
    Revised command profile:
    - InternetFlags
      Action: tune internet commands (Download, ReadURL)
      Syntax: internetflags name, [value]
              (yes, only this is currently supported)
        value: [optional] 1 = On [default]
                          0 = Off
      Turn it on:
        ::internetflags "INTERNET_FLAG_NO_COOKIES"
        ::internetflags "INTERNET_FLAG_NO_COOKIES", 1
      Turn it off:
        ::internetflags "INTERNET_FLAG_NO_COOKIES", 0
  • + Scripting | Step dialog: Now the first two lines display
      (1) the current script resource
      (2) the current script caption
  • ! A FVS related bug from 7.50 could still survive in corrupted INIs and fvs.dat files. Added code to handle and repair this.