Sunday, August 17, 2008

v7.40.0022 - 2008-08-17 12:23

  • * FVS: Now, for all non-applied settings the default FV's settings are used instead. If there is a saved Default FV then it has preference over the automatic default. If however the settings in question are also disabled in the Default FV then the settings are simply inherited from the previous view.
    - Example: Your saved Default Folder View has Details as
      view mode. You currently are in a folder with pictures
      that you have defined a FV for showing thumbnails. You
      now go to your mp3 archive for which you have saved a
      FV with sort order Name ascending. You have unticked
      "View mode" in the applied settings of this FV. Which
      view mode will your mp3s be shown in? In Details mode!
      If however you have unticked "View mode" in the applied
      settings of your Default VF then it would be Thumbnails.
    Note: While all this might sound complicated and confusing it all serves the goal of making FVS as easy as possible. The relations between applied settings, specific FVs, and default FV are background decisions designed to meet your foreground expectations. In other words: You don't have to care about this as
    a user. Just press the F-button and go on working.
  • ! FVS: After editing the Default FV it was deleted. Fixed.
  • ! FVS: The automatic default FV was not applied when coming from a non-Browse list mode, i.e. from Search Results (Find mode), MyComputer (Drives mode), or Nethood.
  • ! Menu File Restart without Saving: Did not use the full command line switches as had been passed to the current instance. Fixed.