Monday, August 25, 2008

v7.50.0000 - 2008-08-25 15:01

Main changes since last release:

(Republished due to changes made on Aug 29 by Don to add new items to list)
  • +++ Folder View Settings: Now you can save and auto-restore folder-specific view settings.
  • +++ The thumbnails view mode has been redesigned.
  • +++ Scripting. A new "timestamp" command gives you programmatic control over all three file dates of any file or folder on your system.
  • +++ Start Up. Now you can select the Application Data Path using a command line switch. This means you can have any number of totally independent configurations for one single executable. Choose your preferred work environment via a simple Windows shortcut!
  • +++ Tabs. List Style (line numbers, auto-size, grid...) and Column visibility are now tab-wise.
  • +++ Now the Catalog can be moved above the Tree.
  • +++ Rename Preview. The size of the preview window now automatically adjusts to best fit the info.
  • +++ Batch Rename. New "Increment On Collision" switch (/i). Automatically avoids collisions with existing files.