Tuesday, August 12, 2008

v7.40.0018 - 2008-08-12 12:05

  • + Command Line Switches: XYplorer's default "Application Data Path" (ADP) (that's where all configuration files are located) is where XYplorer.exe resides. Up to now this path could only be set to another location via an entry in "startup.ini". Now you can pass an alternate ADP via command line! Simply use the /ini switch and pass a full path with it.
    For example:
    - XYplorer.exe /ini=C:\XYdata\XY.ini
      Sets the ADP to C:\XYdata\, and loads XY.ini as main
      configuration file from there, as well as all other data files
      like cks.dat, udc.dat etc.
    Note that portable syntax is supported:
    - XYplorer.exe /ini=?:\XYdata\XY.ini
      ? will be set to the drive XY is running from.
    - XYplorer.exe /ini=XYdata\XY.ini
      Sets the ADP to [XY app path]\XYdata\
    Note that you can also pass the path alone without stating the INI file. Simply end the argument with a backslash:
    - XYplorer.exe /ini=C:\XYdata\
      Sets the ADP to C:\XYdata\, and loads XYplorer.ini (the default
      INI file).
    This new support for passing the ADP via command lines means that you now can run completely independent configurations simply using Windows shortcuts.
  • * Command Line Switches: Now you may pass the extension of an ini file with the /ini switch.
    These are identical:
      XYplorer.exe /ini=XYhome.ini
      XYplorer.exe /ini=XYhome
    These are identical as well:
      XYplorer.exe /ini=C:\XYdata\XYhome.ini
      XYplorer.exe /ini=C:\XYdata\XYhome
    Note that the extension must be .ini however. You cannot load files with other extensions this way.
  • * Configuration dialog: The current "Application Data Path" (ADP) is now displayed in the window title bar.